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Court Stories

Kamiak High School students in San Gabriel, Costa Rica
2016-04-10 10.09.50

A wave of heat slapped 14 Americans in the face as they disembarked from a sleepy five hour bus ride from San José, the capitol of Costa Rica, onto t...

Union, Mountain View, and Ridgefield High School students in Quebrada Grande, Costa Rica
beach picture

What difference can ten days make? Honestly, I thought that this trip would have been a wreck. Two of my closest friends backed out because of medical...

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster love, compassion, service and an expanding worldview as we take teams to economically disadvantaged areas, partnering with local organizations and community members to build courts which will provide kids with the opportunity to play sports.

*Courts for Kids is an official 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, based in Vancouver, Washington.