University of Washington Athletes in Matambu, Costa Rica

On Monday, May 12th, community members from Matambu, Costa Rica, watched eagerly as student athletes from The University of Washington filed out of two small buses and began unloading their belongings.  What initially caught the eye of the community was all of their fancy clothes and nice shoes- and not for the reason you would […]

Kent State Athletes in Aguacate, Belize

Our trip to Belize was nothing short of extraordinary. Although there were a lot of things that came up, we all had a blast working with the community members of Aguacate and being welcomed with open arms into their homes. Never in a million years did I expect to be able to come on a […]

Camas High School Students Welcomed in La Culebra, Nicaragua

The day begins with “Kevin” the rooster attempting to advance himself amongst the hierarchy of Roosterdom by perching high in a tree and crowing for all he’s worth. His crooning commences between 0400 and 0430. Off to the latrine and onto the court in the heat and humidity by 0600. Welcome to La Culebra, Nicaragua. […]

Columbia River High School Working Together in Guadalupe, Costa Rica

In his Republic, Socrates stresses the indispensability of young men and women leaving their towns to experience the world and to see what dwells within it.  Courts for Kids is a fantastic avenue, facilitating the exploration of young individuals, including Columbia River High School students of Vancouver, Washington, to experience cross cultural exchange in a […]

Columbia River High School in Valley of Peace, Belize

“This will be the hardest thing you ever do.” I remember Selene telling us this months before our departure, but it stuck with me the entire trip. Arriving at PDX near 3:20 am wasn’t anything new for me, but for the first time in all my travels, I actually felt scared. I had barely met […]

Volunteer Group Needed to Help Orphanage in Santiago,Dominican Republic

Orphanage of Fundacion Red de Misericordia is located just outside the second largest city, Santiago, in the Dominican Republic.  It’s home to near 100 kids from infants to teenagers who have been the victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, or human trafficking.  All children study at a nearby public school and live at the orphanage, which fully […]

A student’s journey from Panama to the US

Recently, a student from one of our partner communities in Panama was able to visit the students at Jesuit High School Portland who he worked with to build a court in Panama.  Here is the incredible story of his journey from the remote Panamanian province of Darien to University of the Ozarks in the US: My […]

Union High School Students in Los Coralillos, Panama

I’ll admit it, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one: when I showed up at the Seattle airport at 8:32 p.m. the excited feeling in my gut was lined with the shiver of nervousness and something that felt like fear. A million questions and concerns raced through my mind: What if I did get […]