Uganda: July 25-Aug 5, 2019

Trip Summary: REGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO FEBRUARY 15! You will meet the group and fly from New York to Entebbe, Uganda where we will be met at the airport by the Courts for Kids Africa Representative, Sam Obol, who is Ugandan and lives In Kampala. Sam has been working closely with the community to plan […]

Cross Keys, Jamaica- Portland, OR High Schools

Jamaica mon! We spent an incredible week in New Broughton, Jamaica where we made new friends, tried new food, and worked harder than we have ever worked before! Each morning our days began by packing up our belongings and storing our beds as we were lodging at the local elementary school. While we worked hard, […]

St John’s Jesuit students Explore Tierra Firme, Colombia

(story and photos: Noah Kokensparger) It all started nine months before the trip – the start of this life changing journey and an experience of a lifetime. For many, I believe we soak in the idea of traveling abroad and getting the opportunity to meet new culture, explore new places, try new foods, sleep in […]

Marquette University High School Students in Los Lajones, Panama

The second the wheels of flight 959 touched down in Panama City, all of our semi-anxious, semi-nervous energy had gone. We were finally here we picked up our luggage and met up with our contact, Courts for Kids Panama Country Director, Juan Carlos (JC). the hot sticky Panamanian air greeted us as we walked to […]

Jesuit NOLA Students Experience Community in Puerto Lara, Panama

Back in December of last year, a group of 23 or so guys, myself included, gathered together and decided to select a Courts for Kids project in Panama for our senior service project the following summer, July of 2018. What we initially thought was a wild idea turned into, perhaps, the most exciting and fascinating […]