Notre Dame Preparatory in El Cacao, Panama

  Have you ever gotten the feeling that you are home when you arrive someplace completely new? That is the way 19 students from Baltimore, Maryland, felt upon arrival in Panama. At the airport, two schoolteachers met and rode with us to El Cacao, where we would be staying for the next seven days.  At […]

Jesuit High School: from Portland to Panama

“What have I gotten myself into!?” That was my initial thought on my first night in the village of Ipetí in the Embera region of Panama.  After prepping the students, researching the area, getting the proper shots, packing so carefully, and readying my body for the physical work ahead, why would this be my thinking? […]

December 27, 2017 – January 5, 2018 – Adult Open Trip to Peru

On this trip we will travel to a small beach-front community of Puerto Eten located outside of the city of Chiclayo in northern Peru. We will work alongside the locals to help build a multi-sport court for basketball, soccer, and volleyball. We will be staying in the community, working hands-on and side-by-side with the locals […]

Courts for Kids Trip to Nicaragua Provides Unforgettable Experience

When we filtered into a second-floor classroom at the Jaqua Center, 10 weeks before our trip to Central America, we saw a room filled with faces we passed shyly every day.  Football, Acrobatics & Tumbling, Lacrosse, Basketball, Track & Field, and Softball athletes — as well as staff from several branches of the athletic department […]

University of Washington Athletes in Matambu, Costa Rica

On Monday, May 12th, community members from Matambu, Costa Rica, watched eagerly as student athletes from The University of Washington filed out of two small buses and began unloading their belongings.  What initially caught the eye of the community was all of their fancy clothes and nice shoes- and not for the reason you would […]

Kent State Athletes in Aguacate, Belize

Our trip to Belize was nothing short of extraordinary. Although there were a lot of things that came up, we all had a blast working with the community members of Aguacate and being welcomed with open arms into their homes. Never in a million years did I expect to be able to come on a […]

Camas High School Students Welcomed in La Culebra, Nicaragua

The day begins with “Kevin” the rooster attempting to advance himself amongst the hierarchy of Roosterdom by perching high in a tree and crowing for all he’s worth. His crooning commences between 0400 and 0430. Off to the latrine and onto the court in the heat and humidity by 0600. Welcome to La Culebra, Nicaragua. […]